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A Circle of Friends Series

One Sunday I read a fascinating newspaper article about Controlled Demolition, Inc,. a Maryland company known worldwide for their implosions of large buildings like casinos and housing projects.  By the time I finished the article, I had a glimmering of an idea for a story.
Years past, but eventually I was able to write that story as The Burning Point.  (Later also released as Stirring the Embers.) Naturally my heroine had friends, and equally naturally, a trilogy was born.  The books are equal parts romance and women's fiction and writing them was a wonderful series of challenges.

A Circle of Friends Series, In Order:

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  • The Burning Point

    A Circle of Friends Series, Book 1

    Previously titled: Stirring the Embers Kate Corsi always dreamed of working for her family’s world famous explosive demolition business—a wish her old-fashioned father denied until the day he died. According to his will, Kate will receive a fortune while her ex-husband, Donovan, will inherit the family business. But only if they agree to live under the same roof for a …

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  • The Spiral Path

    A Circle of Friends Series, Book 2

    Previously titled: Phoenix Falling For years, Kenzie Scott was everything to Raine Marlowe—the friend she turned to for courage and comfort, the lover who touched the hidden depths of her heart, the husband she adored but never really knew. Even as their marriage disintegrates into a civilized divorce, he helps her achieve her dream of becoming a director by agreeing to …

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  • An Imperfect Process

    A Circle of Friends Series, Book 3

    Previously titled: Twist of Fate When lawyer Val Covington receives a windfall and leaves her corporate career to practice “do-gooder law,” her assistant offers to come with her—if Val will look into the case of Kendra’s former lover, who is on Death Row for a crime he didn’t commit. Val agrees, but she can’t do it alone. She finds help …

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  • A Holiday Fling

    A Circle of Friends Series, Book 4

    Previously titled: A Christmas Fling British actress Jenny Lyme is having a pretty decent career. Though she may not have become an international movie star, she’s well loved in England for a role on British TV and continues to work regularly. Now her hometown community center is in danger of being sold. The only hope for its salvation is if …

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