The Marriage Spell





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A RITA finalist for best historical romance, The Marriage Spell is a story of love and magic as Abigail Barton, a gifted magical healer, is asked to save the life of the mortally wounded Major Lord Jack Langdon. The attempt could cost Abby her life, but she's long admired Jack from afar and doesn't want to see him die. She decides to take the risk--if Jack will promise to marry her….

Review by Bette-Lee Fox, Library Journal

"Critically injured in a riding accident, reckless "Lucky Jack" Langdon has one chance to live—wizard Abigail Barton's healing touch. Yet when she names marriage as her price and Jack agrees, they encounter not only aristocratic prejudice but malevolence as well. With consummate skill, Putney has created an alternate Regency world in which magic is acknowledged but despised as "common" by the elite, peopled it with sharply drawn, sometimes conflicted, characters, and given them an intriguing, emotionally rich situation in which to work out their differences."

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Praise for Mary Jo Putney

“A marvelous, fast-paced tale... mesmerizing in its emotional breadth, stunning in its backdrop, and spellbinding in its paranormal overtones... Putney sets a new standard for a historical with paranormal overtones.” —Romantic Times

“Intelligent, compelling characters that appeal to both heart and mind... and a beautifully unfolding love relationship combine to produce a magical tale—Putney puts a unique spin on reality, magic, and love and takes romantic fantasy to a new level.” —Library Journal