The Dragon and the Dark Knight


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The Dragon and the Dark Knight

Non-Holiday Romances

In the days of knights, ladies, and dragons...

The Bar Sinister and a Damsel in Distress

Base-born Sir Kenrick of Rathbourne has earned his living as an itinerant tournament knight. His skill supports him and his squire, but his dream of a manor and wife and family seems impossibly distant. Then he hears of a wealthy baron in Cornwall who is looking for a champion to slay the dragon that is terrorizing his lands. The reward will be a manor by the sea. Kenrick believes dragons are only a legend—but the prize makes the story worth investigating.

But there really is a dragon—and a dozen knights have failed to vanquish it. And when he finds a luminous lady in distress, the real challenge is protecting her and her dragon…

The Dragon and the Dark Knight novella was originally published in the Dragon Lovers anthology.

In Mary Jo Putney's exquisitely crafted and deliciously witty The Dragon and the Dark Knight, freelance knight Kenrick of Rathbourne is hired to slay a dragon but changes his mind after meeting the mysterious Lady Ariane.


What a marvelous presentation of romantical dragons, showing off for the ladies, or man of their choice, happenstance or traditional. Very, very good collection for all hungry draconaphiles, aka dragonlovers. Well written, stylish and above all inventive. Dragon Lovers is sure to please readers of all ages.

~Anne McCaffrey

Mary Jo Putney’s story starts out as a classic but develops a twist that startles and delights.

~M. D. Benoit

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