A Kiss of Fate

The Guardian Trilogy

A Kiss of Fate

Her captivating stories and vibrant characters have earned New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney enthusiastic praise from reviewers and readers alike. Now, from the majestic mansions of eighteenth-century London to the mist-shrouded wilds of the Scottish Highlands, she brings you her most breathtaking romantic adventure yet.

Laird of an ancient, powerful Scottish clan, Duncan Macrae is committed to ending the ceaseless strife between Scotland and England. But he also has other, secret powers—those of a Guardian, humans with mystical abilities to control nature’s forces and see into the hearts of others. And from the moment he encounters the young and independent English widow Gwyneth Owens, his fiery spirit is irrevocably drawn to claim her as his own—a passion that will not only set his loyalty to his land against his sworn Guardian vows, but will also threaten everything he cherishes most.

Though Gwynne’s father was a Guardian, she believes that she has inherited only her mother’s beauty, not her father’s power. Then one kiss from the dangerously alluring Laird of the Macraes ignites a hunger that shakes her to her soul—and reveals visions of a looming catastrophe that threatens England and Scotland both. Only by becoming Duncan’s wife, and ultimately betraying the man she loves, can she avert disaster.

As destiny and two mighty nations clash, Gwynne and Duncan must push their powers and passions beyond the most forbidden limits if they are to save their love—and secure the future.

With Mary Jo Putney’s consummate skill and dazzling historical detail, A Kiss of Fate brings an unforgettable period to life—and will forever enthrall your senses with memorable characters and sweeping emotions.

Reviews for A Kiss of Fate

“Intelligent, compelling characters that appeal to both heart and mind, brilliantly blending history and fantasy, and a beautifully unfolding love relationship combine to produce a magical tale–Putney puts a unique spin on reality, magic, and love and takes romantic fantasy to a new level.”
–Library Journal

“The sign of a great storyteller is when you are hooked on page one to the end, and Mary Jo Putney does it again… A book by Mary Jo Putney is indeed a masterpiece!”
–Reader To Reader Reviews

“Mesmerizing in its emotional breadth, stunning in its backdrop and spellbinding in its paranormal overtones, this is a marvelous, fast-paced tale brimming with fictional and historical characters.  Putney sets a new standard for a historical paranormal overtones.  Sensual.”
–Romantic Times, 4 ½ star, Top Pick

“Again and again, Gwynne and Duncan must sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others, but ultimately, their love triumphs over betrayal and men’s schemes. This book weaves a spell that will enchant readers from beginning to end. Ms. Putney once again delivers a powerful, passionate story, proving that she has some pretty strong magic of her own.”

“Love and magic prove to be comfortable bedfellows in this enchanting mid-18th-century romance from Putney (Twist of Fate; The Bartered Bride), which launches a new series focused on the Guardians, a group of English and Scottish folk who possess supernatural powers… a rich, romantic tapestry.”
Publisher’s Weekly