Carousel of Hearts

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Carousel of Hearts

Love is in the air, but where is Cupid aiming his darts?

Spirited and beautiful, Antonia Thornton is a baroness in her own right, and her companion and best friend is Judith Winslow, a quiet intellectual with a love of natural philosophy. Then Antonia’s childhood friend, Adam Yorke, returns from India and brings his friend, the outrageously handsome Simon, Lord Launceston. They all like each other, love is in the air—and they are all too noble for their own good! Can four confused young people sort themselves out properly before it’s too late?

Readers praise Carousel of Hearts:

“Absolutely wonderful! Sexy without being sexual… I highly recommend it.”

“Putney does a great job of characterization, and all four main characters are portrayed sympathetically and likeably.”

“What a ridiculous wonderful madcap mix-up!”