River of Fire

A Desperate Lord…

As rebel, soldier, hero, and spy, Kenneth Wilding had never known defeat. But nothing can save his heritage when he returns from the wars to an empty title and a ravaged estate. Nothing—until a stranger offers a devil’s bargain: financial salvation in return for Kenneth’s special subversive skills. Reluctantly Kenneth enters the household of the greatest artist in England to unmask a terrible crime. Instead, he discovers something infinitely more dangerous: a tantalizing new way of life and an irresistible woman. Everything he has always wanted—and can never have.

A Scandalous Lady…

Her reputation ruined by a disastrous elopement, tempestuous Rebecca Seaton withdraws to her attic studio and buries herself in her painting. Then Kenneth Wilding sweeps into her life with his pirate’s face and poet’s soul. Warily they slide into a duel of desire that brings both searing risks and shattering fulfillment. But Kenneth’s secret mission comes between them, unleashing a danger that threatens Rebecca’s life even as passion sweeps them into a river of fire that transforms their very souls…

Reviews for River of Fire

“Mary Jo Putney once again sweeps readers into a story that captures and holds their hearts, introducing old friends and bringing us a new hero and heroine. She brilliantly capture the intricacies, mores, manners and wit of the era with panache, and with her special gift for story telling that brings readers great joy.”
—Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars

“River of Fire is intense and emotional, at times dark, but never depressing. Putney has done wonders at revealing the soul, creative insight, temperament, and world of visual artists.”
—Under the Covers Book Reviews

“River of Fire delivers more than enough drama and romance to entertain historical romance readers and reinforce Mary Jo Putney’s reputation as one of the best.”
—The Romance Reader

“In this Regency romance, Putney offers a strong romantic relationship, good writing and memorable characters, and a portrayal of the London art world filled with jealousy and passion.”
—Publishers Weekly