Silk and Secrets

The Silk Trilogy

Silk and Secrets

At seventeen, fiery Juliet Cameron fell passionately in love and married the perfect companion for the adventurous life she wanted to lead. Lord Ross Carlisle is handsome, dashing, and as eager to explore the world as she is. But social constraints and fear of an all consuming love that threatens to engulf her independent spirit send Juliet fleeing to the distant land where she was raised as a diplomat’s child.

Now, a dozen years later, a gentleman’s promise sends Lord Ross on a dangerous rescue mission to Central Asia—and to a shocking reunion with his long estranged wife. Warily they join forces to cross the merciless desert to Bokhara, where Juliet’s army officer brother has been imprisoned. The fierce attraction that drew them together so many years before has never died. But if they succumb to passion, can either of them survive if they cannot heal their broken marriage?

Reviews for Silk and Secrets

“Silk and Secrets fulfills every dream of your heart, every yearning of your soul, as a pair of memorable lovers find their way back to each other’s arms . . . This remarkable novel of high adventure and unquenchable love is a stunning reading experience, one you will remember and cherish forever.”
–Romantic Times, 4+ Star review

“…Sheer brilliance. [Silk and Secrets’] historical vibrancy and vitality bring to mind Dorothy Dunnett with a dash of Indiana Jones… Ms. Putney’s descriptions convey both the romanticism and the harshness of the dunes and their nomads.”
–Desert Island Keeper

* Winner of Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award for best historical sequel

* Nominated for RWA’s Golden Choice Award for best romance of the year.