The Black Beast of Belleterre: A Victorian Christmas Novella

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The Black Beast of Belleterre: A Victorian Christmas Novella

The Beauty and the Beast: a haunted and hidden lord, a desperate young beauty, and a marriage of convenience between two people who yearn for more…

James Markland, Lord Falconer, knows that he is ugly, very ugly, and he lives a life of seclusion, wearing a heavily cowled mantle to conceal his face from the world. When he learns that a neighboring girl, the exquisite young Ariel Hawthorne, is about to be sold into marriage with a revolting lecher, he offers her the only protection he can: his name. Of course it will be a marriage in name only, because what woman could want him?

A talented artist, Ariel is cursed by her beauty and vulnerability. Though she never sees her husband’s face, she is drawn to his kindness and generosity, but he is determined to push her away. Will he allow her to love him before it’s too late? Perhaps the magic of Christmas can bring them together…

This seasonal stand-alone Regency novella is also published in the author’s Christmas Revels collection.

What readers say:

The Black Beast of Belleterre [is] the perfect Beauty and the Beast retelling with every detail wonderfully re-envisioned.”

“When I was a teen, I read this and fell in love with The Black Beast Of Belleterre. It is a Beauty and the Beast sort of tale. It pulls in everything we hope for in a love story!”

“[The Black Beast of Belleterre] was an amazing story!”