The China Bride

The Bride Trilogy

The China Bride

Born to a Scottish father and now living in China, Troth Montgomery grew up speaking several languages and thinking of faraway England as home. Enduring life as a concubine, she never imagined that one day she would leave the Orient, arriving in bitter winter at the estate of a stranger–the brother of the man who had briefly been her husband. Kyle Renbourne, Viscount of Maxwell, had taken Troth as his bride shortly before his apparent execution in a Chinese prison. Now, as his widow, she is entitled to the home she always dreamed of but remains haunted by the memory of a dashing husband and the brief, forbidden love they shared.

Then Kyle seemingly returns from the dead. Though he has survived, his mind and body are badly wounded. He needs time to heal and retreats from the exotic wife he barely knows. Bitterly aware that she will never be a fitting English wife, Troth defiantly embraces her foreign traditions, hoping that the ancient arts of her ancestors will restore Kyle’s spirit and her own battered heart. Together they embark on a miraculous journey of hope and faith as Kyle becomes enchanted with the intimate tranquillity he shares with his bewitching Troth. But before he can win back his China bride, Kyle must first face a deadly menace that has followed them halfway across the world. . . .

Written with exquisite elegance and gentle passion, The China Bride is a stirring tale of everlasting love and the power of forgiveness, by a master storyteller.

Reviews for The China Bride

“Beautifully written… Kyle’s story brims with enchantment, the magic of the Orient, passion and stormy romance. East meets west in the most exquisite way. One of the summer’s “must reads.”
–Romantic Times

“The always superb Mary Jo Putney has written a beautifully crafted story of love and loss, yin and yang.  I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of love and the human spirit in overcoming incredible odds.”
–Old Book Barn Gazette

“It is no wonder that multi-award winning bestseller Putney is a favorite of romance fans… Putney’s characterizations of two individuals who do not fit comfortably into the worlds in which they were born but through their differences can become soul mates as well as lovers are exquisite in this fast paced historical adventure romance.”