The Wild Child

The Bride Trilogy

The Wild Child

Dominic Renbourne has been bribed to take his twin brother Kyle’s place at Warfield Manor, where he is to pay gentlemanly court to Lady Meriel Grahame, the extravagantly wealthy heiress Kyle intends to marry. The deception need only take a few weeks and no one will be the wiser, especially the strange Lady Meriel who is whispered to be . . . mad. The last thing Dominic expects when he arrives is to be entranced by a silent woman whose ethereal beauty is as stunning as her mystical relationship to the intoxicating flowers and trees that surround her.

Until now, Meriel has kept her distance from society, spending her days at one with the earth and safe from the nightmare that nearly destroyed her as a child. She is content to live alone, but suddenly this handsome intruder begins to inspire dreams of life beyond her sanctuary. He senses her restlessness, her awakening desire, and the truth that she is much more than she seems.

Theirs is an extraordinary courtship. Without words, Meriel teaches Dominic to appreciate the natural splendors of her isolated world. While Dominic’s sense of duty barely restrains his longing for his brother’s future bride, Meriel’s untamed spirit proves more powerful than Dominic can resist. But will Meriel forgive his deceit once she learns he is not Kyle? Moreover, will their love be able to save them both from the treachery that still secretly shadows Meriel? And will their passion endure the rift that will divide two brothers?

Told with Mary Jo Putney’s incomparable intelligence and grace, The Wild Child is an unforgettable tale about the infinite possibilities of love.

Reviews for The Wild Child

“When switched identities, arranged marriages, and even the mildest case of insanity meet, a novel is bound to be an absolutely entertaining hoot. As well as creating sympathetic characters and their realistic development, Mary Jo Putney has a talent for capturing the complex rivalries of siblings and the conflict between our internal and external lives… Putney has once again written a solid historical novel that should support her reputation as one of the finest romance writers of our time.”
–Nancy R.E. O’Brien, Reviews

“The Wild Child is an exceptional romance about two extraordinary people and the power of love to overcome obstacles. Meriel and Dominic are wonderful characters, deftly drawn and well-developed, who must come to terms with the past in order to embrace their future. Mary Jo Putney is a master storyteller and The Wild Child showcases her amazing talents. The story is well-crafted, spellbinding, and thoroughly enchanting. The Wild Child is a keeper — and a strong contender for best historical romance of the year!”
–Susan Lantz, Romantic Fiction Forum Leader