The Silk Trilogy

This trilogy started with Silk and Shadows, my Count of Monte Cristo story, in which a wealthy, enigmatic prince comes to London to avenge himself again a well-born man who has committed unforgivable crimes.  While I was researching Asia to find a suitably obscure backstory for Peregrine, I came across the true story of a rescue mission to Bokhara in Uzbekistan.  I'd always been fascinated by the vast mysterious center of Central Asia, and I immediately started thinking about a story inspired by that rescue mission.
That became Silk and Secrets, a story of high adventure and lost love regained, which led right into Veils of Silk, a marriage of convenience story set in India.  The time period is late 1830s to early 1840s, a time when travel and technology were expanding the world, but there wasn't yet the heaviness of the late Victorian period.

The Silk Trilogy, In Order:

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  • Silk and Shadows

    The Silk Trilogy, Book 1

    He called himself Peregrine, the wanderer, and he came to London for revenge… Like the falcon he named himself for, Peregrine is wild and free, an exotic prince who fascinates 1839 London with his wealth, mystery, and dangerous allure. He emerged from his mysterious Asiatic past to exact retribution for an appalling crime. Nothing and no one can stop him—except …

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  • Silk and Secrets

    The Silk Trilogy, Book 2

    At seventeen, fiery Juliet Cameron fell passionately in love and married the perfect companion for the adventurous life she wanted to lead. Lord Ross Carlisle is handsome, dashing, and as eager to explore the world as she is. But social constraints and fear of an all consuming love that threatens to engulf her independent spirit send Juliet fleeing to the …

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  • Veils of Silk

    The Silk Trilogy, Book 3

    A Marriage of Convenience… Gaunt and wearing an eye patch, Major Ian Cameron returns to India after being freed from horrendous captivity in Central Asia. Thoughts of his beautiful fiancée helped him survive his imprisonment, but much can happen when a man has supposedly been dead for two years, and his return brings him face to face with how much …

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