Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website!  It’s been a long time coming because writing must come first, but these days mobile friendly sites are essential, and I wanted a site where I could make small changes myself.

Like all good writer websites, there’s a lot of information about my books organized in ways to make it easy to learn what you’d like to know.  So have a browse, enjoy yourself, and if you spot any problems, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get it fixed.

If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing, sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll also receive a free e-book of Thunder and Roses, one of my most popular books, a RITA finalist, and the first of my Fallen Angels series.  So sign up and enjoy…

Mary Jo Putney


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  1. Sharon

    The website is great, Mary Jo! I love author websites that tell me all the titles and series and order, etc. I’m kind of obsessive about reading a series in order, and also about reading all of the books by my favorite authors. Everything in the site seems to work really well, all of the links, etc.

    1. Dorothy Hatley

      I , too, love to read the series in order. I read them
      more than once and enjoy them as much as I did the first time. I’m reading the first book in the
      new Rogues series . Love the new love in Will’s

    2. Sharon Brown

      Are there going to be any more of the lost lords series? I was hoping for books on the other lost lords like Will, Gordon and the other one. I really enjoyed them but I was hoping for a few more and finding out about what is happening with the ones that are now married. They were good books that I really enjoyed reading.

      1. Mary Jo Putney

        Sharon, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books. My publisher wanted a new series, I said “But I still have guys to write about!” and we compromised by doing the Rogues Redeemed, a spin-off series. The first, ONCE A SOLDIER, takes care of Will and Justin Ballard, the “other one.” ONCE A REBEL is Gordon’s story and it will be a September release. After that we move into new territory.

        Mary Jo

        1. Grace Moran

          Like Sharon, I’m looking forward to Gordon’s story, and thought that we would get more about the guys who shared Will’s cell in Once a Soldier. And I too have read all your books more than once.

          1. Mary Jo Putney

            Grace Moran, Gordon’s story is ONCE A REBEL and it will be released at the end of this August.

  2. Patricia Anderson

    Just when I think I have read all of your books, a new one pops up in one of your wonderful series. I just finished “Once a Soldier” and faint memories of Will’s brother haunted me, who was he? One of your great talents is to weave characters from other novels into new ones. The grown-up rogues who became trusted friends are perhaps my favorites. I had a bit of a search to find the ending of “The Bargain” in the beginning of Rafe’s own story. But, I cannot remember if I read it, I think I read all of the Fallen Angels Series! Oh dear, you may be able to understand why a list of cross over characters would be helpful.

    In addition to my enjoyment of the book hopping characters, I enjoy the accurate history and detail. The surgeon who appears upon occasion is both a delightfully described man and accurately described practitioner.

    Thank you, the day you got a computer was one lucky day for me.

  3. Georgina R Dwonch

    I love the books that you had written. I have borrowed all the ebooks from the library & wished I could get a hold of all of your books.

  4. Tara Vo

    I’m a fan of the Lost Lords series , so I have read and reread those books several times. However, I recall Will Masterson’s first wife was named Ellen in the first book Loving the Lost Lord whereas in Once a Soldier, her name is Lilly. Did she have two different names by any chance?
    Besides that confusion, I love the series and can’t wait to read the next book

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      The sad answer is that I goofed. Sorry! I forgot that I’d mentioned her by name in an early book, so I gave her a (different) name in Will’s book. Sigh. I’m usually pretty good with the details, but that one I botched. Thanks for letting me know–maybe I can get Kensington to fix it in the e-book. I’m glad you otherwise enjoy my stories–

      Mary Jo Putney

    2. Jeannine Davis

      I am really sorry that you were advised not to continue using magic themed stories to continue after The Marriage Spell…I LOVE MAGIC in books..magic in service to the Light of course. Can you not try again with this idea? I loved the Lost Lords, did not realize they were the “tamed version”….why do people fear magic? It is all around us! I would love for you to continue the series you started with The Marriage Spell. You slip in such bits of Wisdom here and there also, which I always notice and appreciate.

      1. Mary Jo Putney

        Hi, Taro Vo!

        Sorry to be slow to reply! I was having trouble getting into my WordPress site–long story. IT wasn’t a matter of what I was advised as the cold hard fact of what publishers wanted to buy. I LOVE magic mixed with history, as you’ll have noticed. But a lot of readers don’t. My magical books for Ballantine did not sell well (though people whol liked them REALLY liked them.) So Ballantine dumped me and publishers only wanted straight historicals from me. With cats to feed and a mortgage to pay, I chose to write what publishers wanted to buy. I do like my historicals–but I miss the magic. Sigh. Such is life.

        Mary Jo

  5. Barbara Koehrsen

    Love all your books, have read them for years. The characters, time period, the details are very good. I have Thunder and Roses on e books and paperback. Many more also. Please keep writing. I’m reading Once a Soldier and am looking forward to Once a Rebel. ?

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Thank you, Barbara! I keep working away and have no retirement plans in sight. Writing is hard work, but I do love the results! Or as Dorothy Parker said, “I love having written.”

      Mary Jo

  6. Amaryllys Kehoe

    I do love your books. I have all of them and have reread them several times. Just like a good movie you watch more than once. Do you think that you will ever finish the Stone Saints? I just love the Marriage Spell. And are there more Dark Mirror ones coming out? I just love magic. I think that the historicals are wonderful too, but it’s the play on the people involved in the story that is just is wonderful. Thank you for writing.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Amarylls!

      I don’t know if I’ll ever do more of the Stone Saints books–my publisher dumped me after THE MARRIAGE SPELL, and the new publisher didn’t want magical stories, just straight historicals. Which I like, but I do miss the magic! If I get rights back to the Dark Mirror books, I might write at least one story for Elspeth, but I don’t know if that will happen.

      Sigh–so many stories, so little time! Thanks for taking the time to write, and apologies for my VERY slow reply! I tend to forget about these comments on WordPress.

      Mary Jo

  7. Amaryllys Kehoe

    I do love your books. I have all of them and have reread them several times. Just like a good movie you watch more than once. Do you think that you will ever finish the Stone Saints? I just love the Marriage Spell. And are there more Dark Mirror ones coming out? I just love magic. I think that the historicals are wonderful too, but it’s the play on the people involved in the story that is just is wonderful. Thank you for writing.

    1. Mary Jo Putney


      Thanks so much! I love the magic too, but publishers want the straight historicals, and I’m not fast enough to write more stories with magic to publish independently. If I ever get a better brain, I’ll do that, though! At the least, maybe a novella for Elspeth to wind up the Dark Mirror series.

      Mary Jo

  8. Connie K

    Love the Lost Lord series. I am so glad you have written Will’s story. Are you writing Justin Ballard’s also or is it in one of your other series and I haven’t found it yet? Thank you

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Connie K–

      Justin’s story is a secondary romance in Once a Soldier, Will’s story. I kind of like having secondary romances sometimes, and for various reasons Justin and Will fit really well togethe.

      Mary Jo

  9. Grace Moran

    Like everyone else here, I love your historical romance novels. I’m always on tenterhooks waiting for the next in a series. I just re-read The Rake, and I seem to remember that you were going to do something with Randolph Lennox, who let Lady Alys get away. Is that still in the works?

    1. Mary Jo Putney


      I told Lord Randolph Lennox’s story in a novella called “Sunshine for Christmas.” (Randolph was much less complicated than Reggie.) His story is in my CHRISTMAS REVELS collection, along with four other Christmas novellas. It’s available in an e-edition, I think a POD, and used. It’s a sweet story. He gets the right woman for him, and they both live happily every after, of course!

      Mary Jo

  10. GC Murphy

    I enjoyed “Once a Soldier” and seem to remember the next book in the series was to be “Once a Rebel” to be published Oct. 1, 2016. But I don’t see any mention of it here. Is that still on schedule?

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      GC Murphy,

      I’m sorry if what you read was misleading. ONCE A REBEL is scheduled for September 2017. (It was barely written in October 2016!) So it is on schedule, just not the schedule you saw! Sorry–

      Mary Jo

  11. Terra Lichtenstiger

    I just cannot get enough of the Lost Lords series! I love them!! Just when I think that it’s one of the best romance books I’ve read, the next one is better!

  12. Lois Rhoades

    I read your early Signet Regencies the first time around and liked The Controversial countess best before you changed it as I did the story of Robin. I put off reading the last Lost Lords until I found the first of the new series. I think I have them all.

    1. Mary Jo Putney


      You’re not the only one who prefers the classic Signet Regencies.The revisions were not extreme–the characters and the story line remained the same. But they definitely have more of a historical romance feel, which is what the publisher wanted. I like both versions, but they are somewhat different.

      Mary Jo

  13. Jenny

    You mention a book by the name of Once a Rebel to be out in October but I don’t find it listed on your list of books or through a publishing company. Can you tell me about this book.

    1. Mary Jo Putney


      Sorry to be slow to reply! I was having trouble getting into my WordPress site–long story. ONCE A REBEL will be a September release from my regular publisher, Kensington, and will probably be out the last Tuesday in August. I’m waiting for the final cover before I put more information on my website. When I have that, I’ll post the cover, blurb, and an excerpt. I don’t like to post too early because then people might forget about it.

      Mary Jo

  14. Rhonda Bowers

    I love your books. My first was “Thunder and Roses” which I picked up one snowy afternoon when we were told to prepare for a blizzard. I picked it up with the basics like milk and eggs. I read it that weekend while my husband and son dug us out. I have since read all of your books. “Once a Soldier” was great and I am impatiently waiting for “Once a Rebel”. When I start a series, I usually can hardly wait for the next story. Sometimes I hate for the one I am reading to end. Thank you for these wonderful stories.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Rhonda, you’re very welcome! I do try to make all my books stand-alones, but one does get interested in other characters! My older series are complete if you want to start on them, but it will take my a while to work through my Rogues Redeemed. I wish I was a faster writer!

      Mary Jo

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Jean, it’s a September release, so that usually means the last Tuesday of the month before, August. There will be a library hardcover released earlier, probably July. You could ask your library to order it.

      Mary Jo

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Jane–

      Thanks for the good words! This year’s book, ONCE A REBEL, will be a September release, but I’m hoping to release some short story collections, and I’m trying to get some backlist books reverted so I can publish them. We’ll see. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll announce any new releases.

      Mary Jo

  15. Cecilia Walker

    I found a note at the back of Once A Soldier indicating that Once a Rebel would be coming “next October.”
    Any update on another projected publication date
    Not criticizing, my projected dates are notoriously very optimistic.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Cecilia–

      THe good news is that Kensington moved the pub date up to September this year, which probably means the last Tuesday in August. That’s pretty firm, I think.

      Mary Jo

  16. Heather H

    Hi, I so enjoyed the Guardian trilogy, that at least once a year, I optimistically check online to see if you added any new books that are even Guardian related. I’ve read many other of your books and have never been disappointed! Thank you, but -please- throw us some more magic.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Heather!

      Sorry to be slow to reply! I was having trouble getting into my WordPress site–long story. Like you, I love the magic but a lot of readers don’t, which meant publishers want only straight historicals from me. However, I’ve written a novella and several shorter stories set in the Guardian world and I plan to release it as a collection later this year. It will probably be called GUARDIAN LOVERS, and if you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll certain announce when it becomes available.

      Mary Jo

  17. Patricia Bisch

    The second book of Rouges Redeemed, is only showing as a kindel book. Will this not be printed in book format? It is really annoying to have a series that you can’t get all the books in book form.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Patricia–
      The book hasn’t been released yet. It’s scheduled to come out at the end of August this year. (2017) At that point it will be available in both print and e-editions. It is confusing that it’s listed so early! Sorry.

      Mary Jo

  18. Anne Lambert

    Like Sharon and Dorothy, I too like to read series books in order. I also am one of those “old-fashioned” people who like the feel of a real book. Alas for me as I have an exceedingly hard time to find most of your books in the bookstore. I am not quite ready to break down and read them on a tablet … do you have any information on whether your publisher is planning on re-releasing any of the books that are so difficult to obtain? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Anne, publishers don’t usually keep older backlist books in print–it’s too expensive. (Though my current publisher, Kensington, is good about this.) I’m trying to get the rights to all my older books back so I can do print on demand versions. THe prices are higher than mass market, but I do want those books to be available in print for readers who prefer that. I’ll get to them this year, I hope!

      Mary Jo

      1. Anne Lambert

        Thank you so much for responding Mary Jo! I was floored to see that it is you responding to these comments – what a rarity!

  19. Grace Moran

    What’s next? I’m hoping you will give us the full story on Gordon, the bad boy who didn’t quite make it through Westchester, but showed up in Once a Soldier and at least two other books.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Sorry to be slow to reply! I was having trouble getting into my WordPress site–long story. And yes, I’ve written Gordon’s story, and it will be out at the end of August 2017. It’s called ONCE A REBEL, and I do like the way it turned out.

  20. Melanie Jaramillo

    I have read all your books, and love them! I am curious about Lady Julia’s brother. How did he escape his father’s poisonous atmosphere and become a good, loving man? I am hoping there’s a future book about him.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Sorry to be slow to reply! I was having trouble getting into my WordPress site–long story. But Lady Julia’s brother Anthony had the same nice mother than Julia did, he would have spent most of his time away at school after he reached the age of 10 or so, and he was the heir. The old duke despised women, and Julia had caused trouble for the duke’s friend. So he despised her. Anthony found his father difficult, but was never despised and demeaned as Julia was. Being raised in the same household doesn’t mean one has the same upbringing. So that’s all, really–

      Mary Jo

  21. Margaret E. Konjevod

    Dear Mary Jo, (please forgive my informality, but feel I know I know you through your books).
    I love your writing very much and am just starting the last 3 books in your Lost Lords series. I usually get the audiobooks as I try and multi-task and move around a lot so keep my iPhone in my pocket. I do get frustrated when when the 2nd book doesn’t often come in audio. I’m retired so I do get my books on Override through my Library. I used to always buy books and enjoyed reading them. I was a nurse working night shift so often had time to read at night. I did get CD’s to listen to while driving. Now I listen to my
    IPhone while I drive.
    I must say I really enjoy reading the books that are series. Your stories have especially great character development which makes me really care what happens and each of your characters have such different stories. I’m amazed at how authors do that. This is the first time I have written to an author so, please forgive such a long letter. I know you are busy but I really wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoy your books and writing style.
    Thank you so much for reading this whole letter (if you can find the time).

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Margaret, my apologies for the slow reply–I tend to forget about these comments on Word Press. Mea culpa! Thank you for the kind words; I love my characters and I love weaving their stories together. Audiobooks are a real blessing for people who drive a lot, but authors often don’t have any control about audio editions. I’ve produced several of my backlist in audio myself, but it’s expensive and time consuming, so I haven’t been doing many.

      And thank you for being a nurse! Nurses are some of the world’s best people–

      Mary Jo

  22. Clare McQuin (AKA Margo Winchester)

    Thank you Mary Jo. One of your “Lost Lords” books was offered on BookBub (for free) and as a pensioner it was great! Unfortunately – though not really – I’m now having to save up my cents as I thoroughly enjoy all your books, so am purchasing them whenever I can. They’re too good to resist. Unlike some of your readers I am quite happy to get e-books – my library is getting quite large(r) but it is so much easier to cart it round on 1 laptop than stacked on a bookcase. One can browse and reread so much more easily. Do you proofread all your books yourself? There are very few mistakes. The only problem I have with Kindle is the inability to fiddle with spelling mistakes, etc. I get E-ARC copies from Baen and they are DRM so I can get various formats and amuse myself proofing them, then getting hardback copies (by recommending them to the library) when they’re released and see how they compare. I trained as a proofreader in a newspaper back in the 60’s so it has always been a habit, not that I would deface a book, but ebooks are more forgiving. And though I tried to get proofing work via Elance, being from New Zealand seemed to put off potential clients. So I was brought up with UK English – most of the books I read now are US English! That’s my Gripe for the Day! I am looking forward to Gordon’s story – I always like to know what happens next! And meeting old friends – you have such interesting characters with a surviving sense of humor, despite trials and tribulations. Good luck with your reversions – such a lovely backlist! Regards Clare

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Clare, I do proof read my books, and most of them have multiple proof readers–and errors still creep in! Very maddening. I’m somewhat dysgraphic so I make a lot of typos. Most get caught–but not all. Sigh.

      I’ve just reverted my Bride Trilogy, so I’ll be doing e-editions of them in the not too distant future. I might need some proofreading, and New Zealand doesn’t bother me. I LOVE New Zealand, I’ve vistied three times. If you want to talke about proofing, could you email me at mjp624@aol.com? General email is much better for discussion than my too often neglected website posts!

  23. Helen Wright

    I’m going to reread the Silk and Shadows books again as I loved them all. I usually reread different books of yours every so often. One book I reread a lot is, of course, The Rake and the Reformer. I know it is now the Rake, but my tattered and falling apart original paperback is still there on my bookshelf. The later edition is on my Kindle so it goes with me wherever I go. I follow you and the Word Wenches on Facebook so that every day or so I get a posting. Looking forward to your next book.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      What a lovely tribute, Helen Wright! E-books make it easy for us to stockpile favorites, but I still like my paperbacks, too. I hope you enjoy ONCE A REBEL when it comes out–

      Mary Jo

  24. Karon Wolfe

    I just finished reading the Silk Trilogy. I’m wondering why you didn’t tell David Falkirk’s story. I loved the trilogy, especially since it was set in a part of the world about which I know so little. Thanks for your wonderful books.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Karon–
      I wanted to write about David, but back when I did the Silk books, I was totally exhausted by all the research, and then my publisher wanted me to do some more traditional British set Regencies, and I never got back to David. I’ve made a tentative start on a novella about him and hope to finish it this year. We’ll see! He’s a good fellow and deserves an HEA.

  25. Nancy Fennessey

    I have just finished reading the 1st two books in the “The Silk Series” and are starting the 3rd. Love all the history. Have also read the “The Lost Lord” series which I also enjoyed. Thank you for keeping me entertained.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      You’re very welcome! And my apologies for the slow reply–I tend to forget about these comments on WordPress.

  26. AlpacaLypse

    I came onto this site purely to find out if Gordon was ever going to get his story. Answer found in under a minute! Thanks – I’ll look forward to September 😊

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Helen Luzius, I’ve recently reverted the rights to the Wild Child and the other two books in the trilogy, and I hope to have new e-editions published over the summer.

  27. Rhonda Bowers

    I just started “Once a Rebel” and I am loving it. I live in Maryland and so a lot of the places mentioned so far are very familiar to me. I lived near Bladensburg for a short time after high school, an age ago lol. We read and learn the history but it is nice to see it from the perspective of some one living through it, even fictionally. That is why I like historicals. They give us a feel for what it might have been like for the people living it.

  28. Rhonda Bowers

    Please refresh my memory, is there to be a third book in the Rogues Redeemed series? What else may the future hold?

  29. Rhonda Bowers

    Just finished Once a Scoundrel and hated for it to end. It was so good. Your stories are so wonderful, I can hardly wait for the next one.

  30. Donna Doyle

    I think you know I adore you, Mary Jo. I have just ordered your new book out and know I will love it. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading!

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Donna, it’s so weird, but this morning, for the first time EVER, WordPress sent me a comment to be approved: yours. And I found a mess of other comments from other people covering, mmm, several years. I need to stay more on top of things! I do hope you’re prospering! It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? Take care–Mary Jo

  31. Donna Glee Reim

    I am an 89 year old bibliphile. Haven’t turned on my TV in ages but read about a book a day. Absolutely love your books especially your witty conversations. My favorite one have to be the Diabolical Baron the the one that follows “The Rake” I was a chemical dependency nurse for many yeas and you hit the alcoholic personality on the nail. I obviously do not have room to keep all the books I have read but, your books are like a good movie so I keep them to reread them. Keep them coming. Don’t you dare retire. I don’t just read but am also a gamer and have 3 certificates from World Book of Guiness for having the most of certain catagories for my age. Thanks so much for your books.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      I”m sorry to be so very, very slow to respond to your lovely note, but I tend to forget that comments come in through my website. I lived with an alcoholic for several years, and got to observe his descent into alcoholism, and his slow but true recovery. The relationship didn’t last, but he’s still a good friend.

      VERY cool about your Guinness Book of Records entries!

      Mary Jo

  32. Simone Tate

    Just finished re-reading all the available “Rogues Redeemed” series … loved them (again). I particularly like the way you use old characters to support the new ones – it’s like having old friends pop by for a chat! Not nagging but when will “Once a Laird” be available??? Thanks for your work … an oasis of sanity in 2020!

  33. Dawn Blacker

    Just read Fallen Angels, loved it. Where did your inspiration come from, is there a Welsh connection. I actually live just outside the town of Aberdare and my husband taught at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School at Dyffryn House, the former home of Lord Aberdare. When it was demolished, some years ago now, the stairs actually went to America. Your right the valley is a beautiful place…….except for the rain .

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Hi, Dawn! I lived in the UK for over two years (Oxford) and visited Wales several times then, and a couple of time since. I have a great fondness for Wales, but for Thunder and Roses, I chose place names off a map and I liked the name Aberdare. *G* Yes, WAY too much rain, but that does produce the amazing, lush greenery. I’m glad you enjoyed the Fallen Angels books.

    2. Mary Jo Putney

      Dawn Blacker, this reply is very, very late because I tend to forget to check comments made through my website. Yes, there is a Welsh connection in that I lived in Oxford for over two years and I’ve visited Wales a number of times. I have friends in Carmarthen and my maternal grandmother was a Jones, which has to count for something! I’ve never visited Aberdare–basically, I picked the name off a map because I liked it, but what fun to hear from someone who actually knows the real Aberdare! As for the rain–that’s what keeps Wales so wonderfully green, b ut it does get old!

  34. Betty Smith

    Mary Jo,

    My favorite story is Christmas Cuckoo. I have reread it I don’t know how many times, including this week.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      Betty Smith, I’m so glad you enjoy the Christmas Cuckoo! It’s my husband’s favorite novella, and I do think it turned out very well. Good intentions and crossed wires.
      Mary Jo

  35. Tess

    I have read and loved your books and novellas for years. I started with hard copies but have now bought both old and new for my e-reader since I re-read them all, in order at least once a year. I grab the new ones as soon as they come out. I can’t choose a favorite, but I do tend to re-read the histories and magical books more frequently than the contemporary books and I always reread your Christmas stories during the holidays.

    I was glad to read your comments about some of the characters in Marriage Spell being reborn in your Loving the Lost Lords series – I thought I was going crazy with the similarity of names, places and personalities. I really love the way you linked the Lost Lords and the Rogues – I hope there are more in our future.

    I appreciated your dedication to Jo Beverly in Once a Rebel – she, too, has been my favorite author for years. With the two of you as my go to reads, I have a hard time finding new authors in the same genre.

    Thank you for many years of reading joy.

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      What a lovely tribute to my stories, Tess! You’ve very perceptive to have picked up the similarities between characters in The Marriage Spell and the first Lord Lords books. I really wanted to write about those characters, but what you change publishers, you have to be a bit sneaky about how you go about it. Jo Beverley was not only a terrific author, but one of my best friends for many years. She was a wonderful person–calm, funny, grounded, and very, very intelligent. We use to room together at conferences. I miss her still, as do many others.

      Take care and happy reading–

      Mary Jo Putney

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