The Guardian Trilogy

I love historical romance, and I love magical and fantasy elements, and I had an editor who shared my tastes.  So I created my 18th century Guardian world--historical romance with magic hidden beneath the surface in families with magical powers who are sworn to help their fellows.
In each of the novels, the story is about what happened behind the scenes to make history turn out the way we know it.  The first novel, A Kiss of Fate, is set against the Jacobite rebellion of Bonnie Prince Charlie.  The second, Stolen Magic, involves the Industrial Revolution, and the third, A Distant Magic, follows the 18th century British abolition movement.
I love the Guardian world, so whenever I’m asked to do a fantasy short story, I set it in that world.  The result is enough stories to make a collection which I plan to release during 2016.

The Guardian Trilogy, In Order:

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  • A Kiss of Fate

    The Guardian Trilogy, Book 1

    Her captivating stories and vibrant characters have earned New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney enthusiastic praise from reviewers and readers alike. Now, from the majestic mansions of eighteenth-century London to the mist-shrouded wilds of the Scottish Highlands, she brings you her most breathtaking romantic adventure yet. Laird of an ancient, powerful Scottish clan, Duncan Macrae is committed to …

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  • Stolen Magic

    The Guardian Trilogy, Book 2

    With richly imagined characters and compelling stories, New York Times bestselling author M. J. Putney has won dazzling praise from reviewers and readers across the country. Her spellbinding new romantic fantasy will sweep you from Wales’s mysterious forests to the glittering menace of Georgian London–and into a shattering rendezvous with fate. Heir to an ancient title, Simon Malmain, the Earl …

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  • A Distant Magic

    The Guardian Trilogy, Book 3

    Mary Jo Putney’s passionate, vivid characters and captivating stories have earned enthusiastic acclaim from reviewers and readers everywhere. Now the New York Times bestselling author weaves a new tale in the Guardian series–a dazzling romantic fantasy that takes readers not only from the elegant streets of London to a dangerously tempting Mediterranean island but across time. Jean Macrae’s family is …

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