The Stone Saints

I wrote The Marriage Spell thinking it would be first in a Regency paranormal series about an alternate England where magical abilities are not uncommon, but they're despised by the nobility.  Well-born boys with magical abilities were sent to the Stonebridge Academy to have the magic beaten out of them.  Unfortunately, my publisher of the time didn't want to continue the series, and my new publisher wanted a new series without the magical elements.
But I had plans for some of the secondary characters!  So the first two Lost Lords books have heroes (and one heroine) who appeared in The Marriage Spell.  I eliminated their magical talents and concentrated on their characters and stories and the results were good.  But alas, no more Stone Saints.  The idea of an anti-Hogwarts school where children with magical abilities were sent as punishment became the premise for my young adult Dark Mirror trilogy.

The Stone Saints, In Order:

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  • The Marriage Spell

    The Stone Saints, Book 1

    New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney is acclaimed by critics and readers alike for unforgettable storytelling and arresting characters. Now she introduces a Regency England you’ve never seen before, where dazzling magic is practiced in all but the highest reaches of Society, and where desire is the most mysterious and seductive force of all. One of the Duke …

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