Regency Novels

My first seven novels were written as traditional Regencies or longer Super Regencies.  Several of these early works were later revised and expanded into historical romances and they are listed in the categories above.  Two of these stories, The Diabolical Baron and Carousel of Hearts, were so much traditional Regencies that it felt wrong to try to turn them into historical romances.  But they're fun!

Regency Novels, In Order:

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  • The Diabolical Baron

    Regency Novels, Book 1

    A Wicked Wager! Rich, handsome, and fashionably jaded, Jason, Lord Radford, knows he must marry to get an heir, but assumes that any well bred young lady will do, so he offers for Caroline Hanscombe, whose name he draws at random. Caroline is pressured by her family to accept, but shy and musical, she finds her new fiancé alarming. Will …

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