Regency Novels

My first seven novels were written as traditional Regencies or longer Super Regencies.  Several of these early works were later revised and expanded into historical romances and they are listed in the categories above.  Two of these stories, The Diabolical Baron and Carousel of Hearts, were so much traditional Regencies that it felt wrong to try to turn them into historical romances.  But they're fun!

Regency Novels, In Order:

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  • The Diabolical Baron

    Regency Novels, Book 1

    Caroline Hanscome, who dreams of music more than men, is offered marriage by a jaded lord, Jason Kincaid. Jason had drawn her name from among those his friend had offered. Though Caroline’s parents are thrilled, she herself finds her fiancé alarming. And when Jason meets up with his first love, he questions whether he should have been more sober before …

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  • Carousel of Hearts

    Regency Novels, Book 2

    Baroness Antonia Thornton, outrageous beauty, and her companion, gentle Judith Winslow, discovered new ways to intrigue the ton. Which one was dashing Adam Yorke interested in? Then there was his friend Simon, Lord Launceston, divinely handsome and eligible. What were his intentions? The two young ladies and their two young gentlemen led each other on a merry dance of confusion—and …

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